Coupland Castle

Coupland Castle

Antique Fireplace – Chimneypiece – Mirrors Northumberland

RJ Jell (Robin) is widely recognised as a specialist in restoring antique chimneypieces and gilt mirrors, with 40 years experience.

The chimneypieces offered  for sale are of the highest quality , having been meticulously restored. It is very time consuming to remove many layers  of paint and “pick” all around the carved wood or gesso detail. The dentist would call it a scale and polish.   These items were originally made to be painted, you don’t know what’s underneath until you have completely “stripped it”. Some of the items are re- painted as the  detail has been compromised, these are priced accordingly.

The chimneypiece is the most important feature in any home, whether it’s Georgian, Victorian or 20 th century. Each room has it’s own flavour , a period  chimneypiece or gilt mirror will enhance both antique and modern furniture. It costs the same to install an antique chimneypiece , with superb detail, as a reproduction or modern item. You may wish to change the wallpaper and soft furnishings at intervals, but the chimneypiece should be the one constant fixture, to be enjoyed for decades.

Robin’s knowledge and our superb stock will help you choose the item that not only looks good but also is the right scale for your room.

The items shown represent only a small amount of our stock.  If you require advice or additional information please email or telephone number 01668 216292.